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What our Parents are saying

We have been attending the John XXIII atrium for twelve years. Being able to attend atrium at John XXIII has been a blessing to our family.  Our children have a deeper and more mature understanding and love for their faith.   We know that their time in atrium is invaluable to their knowledge and love for Jesus.  We highly recommend John XXIII to all families.  We especially encourage you to start at 3 years old.  There is an amazing amount they absorb every year and each year they seem to grow deeper in their understanding of the works.


The “hands-on” environment at John XXIII provides another dimension for our children to encounter the mysteries of Faith, one which is tailored to their age and size, one which is tactile and vibrant, and one which allows for that necessary repetition which is a part of all human development. Another reason why husband and I have been so grateful for John XXII is the quality of the teachers themselves. They took notice of the smallest details I might wish to hear and communicated them to me; the way they spoke and interacted with my children made me feel as though they loved them as I did.


My son was a toddler when we first came to John XXIII, and we were new to Montessori.  After four years, I continue to be amazed at how my very spirited, strong-willed child thrives in the Montessori environment.  The delicate balance of rules and rituals with independence and self-determination, along with individual attention has been so beneficial for his development - academically, emotionally and spiritually.   Of course, the method alone cannot produce these results.  You must have dedicated
Guides and Catechists who are well-trained, experienced, faithful, patient beyond belief, and who truly love the children they serve.


The staff, the children, every person associated with John XXIII, has a sense that with the Lord as our shepherd, we truly have all we need. From this sense, John XXIII draws peace that both surrounds and infuses everything about it. John XXIII is an oasis and within it my child is taught that if she has the Lord, the Good Shepherd, she has everything. Not just a part, but all. What refreshment for the soul in this desert of consumerism. John XXIII is a place where my daughter is free to be a child. Her innocence is treasured. Wonder is encouraged. Friendships are nurtured. The peace of Christ lives in John XXIII Montessori Center. It lives in the hearts of the staff. It lives in the children who attend. The very walls of the building exude a special charism of peace.


Over the last 15 years, I have assisted or led in all 3 levels of Catechesis of The Good Shepherd including a year of Toddler Atrium all at John XXIII. The experience for myself as a Catechist has been wonderful.  Each session is like a spiritual retreat for me. I believe the Catechesis is an inspired method for helping children to fall in love with the Good Shepherd while respecting the presence of the Holy Spirit speaking to them in a very personal way. I have witnessed the great respect other National Montessori and Atrium based schools have for John XXIII. Multiple catechists and academic guides from all over the country visit the Center to imitate the uniquely high standards of Montessori authenticity exemplified by J23MC. When I travel to other Atrium classrooms in other states, many catechists have heard of our school and plan group visits to tour the Center.


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