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Message From The Director

Dear Parents and Guests,

As the executive director and a parent of John XXIII, I can say that I have never worked in an educational environment as good as John XXIII Montessori Children’s Center. I write these words with total sincerity. Two examples that lead to this conviction are our students’ wonder and their ongoing desire to learn.

Students at John XXIII love Jesus. Our mission at John XXIII is the mission of the Church: the sanctification and salvation of souls, and we create space for children to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, a Montessori approach to living the Catholic faith. We nurture children’s wonder at creation and their awe before God. My wife and I have been deeply moved, overhearing our daughters at home speaking to each other about their love for Jesus. I have been left speechless, listening to my five-year-old describe how she is a sheep in the fold of the Good Shepherd. John XXIII is living its mission.

When children are babies and toddlers, we readily see their desire to explore and learn. From putting everything in their mouths to asking 40 questions in a row, they want to understand life. So, after 10 years in the traditional method of education, I often wondered where the desire of my teenage students went. It is different in Montessori. John XXIII fans the flames of our students’ desire to the point that they are eager to return after the weekend and breaks. Here, our students’ thirst for knowledge explodes, and they learn the truth in the context of an authentic Catholic worldview.

This message offers only a small glimpse of our community. I encourage you to contact us, tour the Center, and spend time observing in the classrooms. You will not be disappointed.

In Christ,

Nicholas Fonte

Executive Director, John XXIII Montessori Children’s Center

Nicholas Fonte
Executive Director

+ Prior to John XXIII, Nicholas started a Catholic Montessori school, educating toddlers through adolescents.

+He has advanced degrees in both theology and educational leadership.

+He has served the Catholic Church in schools for 18 years.

+ He lived and worked in a Catholic orphanage in Honduras for over two years.

Come see the beauty of Catholic Montessori!

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