On December 1st , four upper-elementary students made a little pilgrimage to the Linden Monastery with Mrs. Accettullo to attend the 11:00 AM Mass and spend a little quiet time at the beautiful mountain top location of the Dominican Nuns.

Each month until the end of the school year, Mrs. Accettullo will be leading a “Going-Out” of elementary-aged children who have signed-up to attend First Friday Mass at the Monastery. On the day of the inaugural pilgrimage, we were blessed with beautiful weather and our group was able to also picnic outside on a high hilltop near the monastery; one which has sweeping views of the surrounding valley. (It also presented the opportunity to try rolling down the hill!) After Mass, the children wrote some prayer requests and with a donation to the nuns work, each chose a finger rosary from the selection of rosaries handmade by the nuns. A brief stop was also made to greet Fr. Trinkle, the hermit priest who lives adjacent to the nuns.

We look forward to more once-per-month pilgrimages, and would like to extend the invitation to any John XXIII children and families to also drive to join us there for 11:00 First Friday Mass. (Please note that due to our Christmas break schedule, in January the pilgrimage Mass will be on Friday January 12th, and after Easter break on Friday April 13th.)

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